What Is Distemper And Why Do Vets Vaccinate Against It?

When it comes to taking care of your dog, vaccines are a big part of the equation. However, local trends have led many parents and pet owners alike to question the necessity of certain vaccines. For dogs, the only legally mandated vaccine across the United States is the rabies vaccines. All other vaccines, even those considered core vaccines, are technically optional. One such vaccine is the distemper vaccine. Get to know more about distemper and what the illness entails.

How an Emotional Support Pet Can Benefit Your Life

There are many ways that pets are beneficial to your life. They give you companionship, responsibility, and if you are suffering from a mental illness such as anxiety, depression, or OCD, a sense of calm and belonging. Unlike other types of service animals, emotional support pets do not need to undergo extensive training, they simply need an ESA evaluation for their health and overall demeanor, and once you get a written recommendation from your therapist or doctor, your own pet can be certified as an emotional support animal.