Is An Aussiedoodle The Right Breed For Your Family?

Is your family considering a puppy? A puppy can be a great addition to any family. They can provide you and your family companionship, friendship, and years of enjoyment. Not sure what breed to get? Below are a few reasons to consider an Aussiedoodle for your new family dog.

About Aussiedoodles

Aussiedoodles are among the many popular designer doodle breeds with a poodle as one of the parents. Doodles are popular because of their friendly nature and because they don't shed. Aussiedoodles may not be as well known as golden doodles or Labradoodles, but they make great family pets.

They Get Along With Everyone

Aussiedoodles are one of the friendliest breeds available. They get along with nearly everyone and relate well with kids and pets. They love the company of humans. They may love it a little too much. You will find that your Aussiedoodle will want to be right next to you on the couch or even in your bed. If you don't want the new dog on the furniture or in your bed, you may want to think twice about an Aussiedoodle. You also may want to consider a mini Aussiedoodle as they don't take up as much space as a standard size. That could make having them on the couch or in bed with you easier.

They are Extremely Smart

Aussiedoodles are bred from Australian Sheepdogs and poodles. Both dogs are very smart, so it should be no surprise that Aussiedoodles are also very smart. You will find that your Aussiedoodle will quickly learn phrases you often use, like asking them to play or go for a walk. Aussiedoodles may also be a little too smart. They are adept at tricking kids into giving them people food or finding items they aren't supposed to have and hiding them. While this behavior can be cute, it's something to be aware of as you train your dog to follow the household rules.

They Come in Every Size

Aussiedoodles are bred in three sizes: toy, mini, and standard. Toy Aussiedoodles are bred with toy poodles, and they are tiny. As a puppy, your toy Aussiedoodle will be able to fit in the palm of your hand, and they won't get much bigger. Mini Aussiedoodles stand about a foot tall, or possibly a bit more. They are big enough that you don't have to worry about stepping on them, but small enough to comfortably share the bed or the couch. Standard Aussiedoodles are about the size of a standard poodle and classify as a large breed dog. A standard Aussiedoodle is best for a home with space to roam and a sizable yard.

Ready to bring an Aussiedoodle into your home? Contact a standard or mini Aussiedoodle puppy breeder in your area today.