Thinking Of Getting A Small Dog? Consider An F1 Cockapoo

If you are thinking of getting a small dog for you and your family, you should consider getting an F1 cockapoo. Below is information on this type of dog breed to help you decide. You can then determine if you want to find this dog at a rescue or purchase one from a breeder. 

F1 Cockapoo

When you start looking at cockapoos, you will see there are F1 cockapoos, as well as other types. For example, an F1 cockapoo is a cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel, which is also known as a first-generation cockapoo. 

You will also find there are cockapoos that are F1b, which have parents of one cocker spaniel and one cockapoo. There is also F2, which is when both parents are cockapoos. If you want a purely full-blooded crossbreed of a cockapoo, an F1 is what you should purchase or rescue. If you get your dog from a breeder, make sure they show you papers showing they are F1 cockapoos so you will know before you purchase your dog. You may find first-generation cockapoos are more expensive than the other types, but this depends on where you live. 

Why a Cockapoo Is a Good Pet

No matter what you choose, a cockapoo makes a great pet for you and your family. They are known to be friendly and are great around children. They do best if you give them a lot of attention and socialize them. Put their bed next to yours or in a child's room to sleep at night as they do not like to be alone for long periods. If you work a lot and are rarely home, this breed would not be a good choice for you. Your dog would likely get separation anxiety if left alone too long, resulting in it barking and being too hyper inside your home. 

Cockapoos do well around other people and animals but only if they are socialized. Take your cockapoo with you when you go to the pet store or any other establishments that allow pets. Take them to a dog park so they can be around other people and animals. Taking your puppy to a trainer in your area is also beneficial. Contact the trainer to determine the best age to start training. Training not only helps your dog learn basic commands, but it also gives your dog socialization skills. 

Make sure you take your cockapoo to a vet soon after it arrives home for a checkup and to start vaccinations.

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