Traveling Out Of The Country? 3 Tips For Finding A Kennel To Board Your Senior Cat

Making plans for your pet when you're intending on leaving the country for a trip is vital, especially when you're concerned due to the age of your pet. If you're the owner of a senior cat, you need to take some time to look into exactly what qualities are the most important in a cat boarding service. If you've made the decision to opt for a boarding kennel over having a pet sitter come to your home, consider the following tips and how they can make a difference in finding the perfect pet kennel for your senior cat to stay at.

Prioritize Finding a Quiet Pet Kennel

As your cat gets older, it's likely that they'll appreciate the peace and quiet more. If you're concerned over them being overstimulated due to the noise at the kennel, you should take some time to avoid these types of kennels. Visiting several pet kennels and asking about the noise level while on tours can help you get a good idea of the volume during your cat's future stay. A quieter kennel can lead to your cat feeling less stressed out and will help ensure that they feel safe.

Make Sure Your Cat Will Receive Regular Attention

When you're checking out different pet kennels, it's a good idea to ask about how often a kennel attendant will stop by to see your cat. If you're worried that your cat may not get enough attention, you should prioritize kennels that have one-on-one care available. When checking out different packages and services at pet kennels, you'll likely notice that some are going to be more appealing for your senior cat since they will be able to provide more regular attention.

Check About Bringing in Food or Medications

If your cat is a senior, it's likely that they'll have some more demanding needs when it comes to the right food and even medications that will keep them healthy. If you're concerned that your cat may not get the best care when at a kennel due to it being your first time dropping them off at one, it's a smart idea to look into kennels that allow you to bring in some of your own items. Not being charged extra and having the ability to bring in your cat's senior food and even any medications that they take can help you feel more at ease with their stay at a kennel.

As you prepare for finding a kennel that looks fantastic for your cat, it's important that you know exactly what makes the best kennel for a senior cat. The above tips can help guide you to finding the perfect place to bring your senior cat.