Tips for Keeping Your Pets Healthy

Pets can be important members of your family. As such, they require care that is appropriate for their age, species, and breed. There are some things you need to do on a continual basis to ensure your pets stay healthy and happy. Here are a few that will keep your pet around for a long time.

Veterinarian Visits

When your pet is young, it requires visits to get vaccinations against diseases. In addition, the vet will do testing to check its overall health. Once the initial series of vaccinations is complete, you still should have a vet check every year or so. In addition, any time you notice the animal behaving differently you should have it checked by a professional to ensure there is no underlying problem like diabetes that can be managed with proper care and medication. The vet will also check for any parasites that may be causing trouble internally.


While a pudgy puppy may be cute, it is also dangerous to its health to be overweight. Animals can develop heart and gastrointestinal problems from being too fat. Talk to your vet at one of the regular visits to find out the appropriate weight you pet should maintain and work to keep it there. This will probably mean restricting treats and avoiding human food for the animal.

Spay or Neuter

You might think it would be great to have your pet reproduce; however, it is not always what it is cracked up to be. Not only will you have to care for the newborns, you will then have to find new homes for them. In addition, leaving a pet intact means that you may end up with unwanted pregnancies. Finally, animals who have not been fixed have more of a tendency to wander in search of a mate. This increases the chance of being hit by a vehicle, getting lost, or being taken in by another family.


No matter what type of animal you have, keeping it in a cage or pen all the time with no stimulation will lead to an unhappy pet. They want to be a part of your family and need to interact with you for their emotional health. Animals can be depressed too. In addition, the more time you spend with your animal, and the more social interactions it has, the better it will behave.

Pets are wonderful. They can keep you exercising when you take it for a walk or play with it. They also help you to relax and feel good in general. However, you have to consider its feelings too. Treat your pet with love and respect, and you will have an animal that gives you unconditional love.

For more information about keeping your pet healthy, talk to a veterinarian at clinics like Evergreen Veterinary Clinic.