Tips For Buying A Purebred German Shepherd Puppy To Compete In Dog Shows

There are several reasons that German shepherds are so popular, such as their intelligence, loyalty, and willingness to participate in training. These attributes also make German shepherds great for competitive dog shows. If you're interested in purchasing a German shepherd puppy that can compete in dog shows, you will need to look for a purebred puppy that is either registered with the American Kennel Club or the United Shutzhund Clubs of America. Use the following tips to select your new German shepherd puppy that has been specifically bred to meet the standards of dog shows.

Research Breeders

When you're looking for a show-bred German shepherd puppy, selecting the right breeder is essential. Spend some time combing the Internet to find reputable breeders in your area. It is a good idea to find a few German shepherd breeders that are planning a litter of puppies so you have a few options.

Visit the Breeder in Person

A website is a great place to start getting information, but if you want to ensure that you're buying a well-bred German shepherd puppy that will be properly cared for, it is very important to visit the breeder in person. When visiting a German shepherd breeder, you should always try to see both the dam and sire of the puppies if possible so you can observe their temperament and ensure that they have favorable traits for show bred dogs. In addition, tour the breeder's facility to ensure that the dogs onsite are well cared for in a loving environment—the last thing you want to do is purchase a German shepherd puppy from a person who is actually running a puppy mill.

Learn the History of the Dam and the Sire

Show-bred German shepherds are born from parents of esteemed lineage. Before signing a contract to purchase a purebred German shepherd puppy, you need to ask to see the paperwork that shows that the dam and sire are registered with either the American Kennel Club or the United Shutzhund Clubs of America. You should also ask to see a lineage chart that shows the family tree of the dam and sire. Don't forget to inquire about any competitive shows that the dam and sire have participated in. Having as much information as possible about the parents of a German shepherd puppy can help you determine the likeliness that he or she will do well as a show dog. 

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