3 Questions To Ask When You Need To Board Your Cat For The First Time

If you associate boarding pets with canines, it is important to note that boarding a cat can also benefit your sweet feline in numerous ways. However, cats are notorious for not always liking change and choosing a less than ideal boarding choice just once can make it quite stressful for a feline to repeat the experience again in the future, even at a different facility. Therefore, it is best to perform due diligence on any facility you might entrust with your beloved kitty, and asking the following question of the persons who work there is an important step in that process.

#1-What Options For Privacy Exist?

As you may have already noticed, many cats are very solitary creatures and don't do well when they are confronted with new felines, while some cats do not have any difficulties with that situation.

If your cat appreciates their privacy and you are concerned about how he or she would do in a new situation with new felines, you might benefit from determining how many cats are boarded in the same room and if private kennels are available. It is very important for your cat's first experience being boarded to be a positive one, so that it can be repeated as needed in the future without traumatizing your kitty. The area where your cat sleeps can also impact how easy it is for you visually check on your feline, as described below.     

#2-Is It Possible To Watch Your Cat Online During Their Stay?

One increasingly common option provided by many pet boarding facilities is the use of one or more webcams that owners can use to check on their animals. If that feature is offered at one of the facilities that you are considering using, it will be useful to determine where those webcams are located and how often they are in use. 

For instance, if the webcam is in a shared space where numerous cats spend time throughout the day, it could be hours till your kitty wanders into an area where the camera notes their presence. However, if the webcam records images of a sleeping area or private room, it will be much easier to see your cat on a regular basis. In addition, it will also behoove you to know if the webcam runs all the time or if it is only in use at certain times of the day.

#3-Can Your Kitty Gradually Acclimate To The New Area?

If private quarters for your cat are not available or if you have chosen not to use them for any reason, you may still be able to help your kitty get used to the area. It could be as minor as finding out what kind of cleaning products and laundry soap they use and then applying them to your cat's washable items. Alternatively, it is a good idea to verify which items your cat can take with them to the facility, as having their own bedding, toys, etc. can make a new place less scary for your kitty.      

In conclusion, boarding your cat with a reputable and professional facility when you cannot be with him or her is often the best way to keep your feline safe and healthy. As a result, it is a good idea to ask the questions discussed above of all the facilities with whom you might leave your kitty when you cannot be with them overnight.