How To Choose A Pet Reptile For Your Child

Parents should not find it strange if their child ask for a pet reptile. Nowadays, reptiles are getting more and more popular. You not only see reptiles for sale at the pet store, but you see them in commercials, movies, and in the fashion industry.

When an animal is featured in a commercial, the demand for the animal increases especially on the behalf of children. Read on find out what to consider when choosing a pet reptile for your child or children to have.

How Long Does The Pet Lives?

You have to consider your child's age and lifespan of the reptile. A pet tortoise can live from 50 to 100 years old. If your child is 11 years old when he or she get a tortoise, then the pet should still be living when you child leaves for college. Is your child going to take the pet with him or her? If not, you are left caring for the tortoise yourself. For some pet reptiles, you might have to provide a lifetime of care. 

How Big Do They Get?

Some reptiles are cute when they are small, but you need to know the actual adult size of the animal. The pet can outgrow your house. Green iguanas start out small. However, they can reach lengths of over six feet and weigh around 11 pounds. When they start to increase in size, the enclosure used when the iguana was a baby is no longer big enough.  

What Does The Pet Eat?

It helps to know what the reptile eats before choosing a pet. If you choose a snake, then you may have to feed it rodents. You must have mice and insects on hand for feedings. An alternative is buying frozen rodents, but you have to thaw them before giving to your snake. On the other hand, reptiles like the tortoise enjoys eating fruits and vegetables. Regardless of what your pet eats, you must have plenty of food on hand.

Many parents rarely object to getting a reptile as a pet. Reptiles are very low maintenance animals. They do not need the attention that is required by cats and dogs. A pet teaches your child responsibility and how to have compassion. If you decide to get a pet reptile, then you should know what to expect before bringing one home. It helps to do your homework and ask the seller questions.