Taking A Trip When Your Cat Has Kidney Disease

It can feel crippling to learn that your cat has a terminal illness like kidney disease, in more than one way. In addition to the fear of your cat's illness, you may feel as though you're trapped and unable to travel, since cats with kidney disease need constant care from their owners. While it's important for your kitty to receive your care while you're home, you can still travel. This guide will explain some of the ways that your cat can receive care while you're away from home so you don't have to worry.

Do Cat Sitters Have Necessary Skills?

Many cat sitters advertise that in addition to coming to your home and feeding and cleaning up after your cat, that they're capable of giving pills and medication to cats. However, this expertise varies from person to person, and many may not be comfortable or skilled in inserting a needle to give a cat with kidney disease subcutaneous fluids to keep them hydrated. If your cat needs medications and subcutaneous fluids, make sure that your cat sitter has some kind of accredited training that proves that they know how to care for your cat. Talk with a professional, like Academy Of Canine Behavior, for more information.

Veterinary Staff

A better option is to board your cat with a veterinarian. In addition to the veterinarians themselves, veterinary offices hire skilled technicians that are experts in caring for a cat's every need. This includes giving subcutaneous fluids, medications, and whatever else your cat may need. If your kitty needs regular veterinarian checkups, they can even have their examination while you're away.

Being Prepared for Emergencies

Any pet parent knows what it's like to be anxious about your pet suddenly becoming ill and needing medical attention. This is another good reason to go with a veterinary boarding service. If something happens and your cat suddenly takes a turn for the worse, they have the equipment, medical supplies, and expertise they need to treat your cat. They'll also be able to monitor your cat for any changes in their behavior or health constantly, whereas a pet sitter may only stop by your home once or twice a day.

It may seem a bit frightening to leave your cat behind during your time away, especially if there's no way for you to avoid it. However, rest assured that boarding your cat at a veterinarian's office is a sure way to keep your cat just as healthy as they are when they're home with you.