Tips For Buying A Purebred German Shepherd Puppy To Compete In Dog Shows

There are several reasons that German shepherds are so popular, such as their intelligence, loyalty, and willingness to participate in training. These attributes also make German shepherds great for competitive dog shows. If you're interested in purchasing a German shepherd puppy that can compete in dog shows, you will need to look for a purebred puppy that is either registered with the American Kennel Club or the United Shutzhund Clubs of America.

3 Questions To Ask When You Need To Board Your Cat For The First Time

If you associate boarding pets with canines, it is important to note that boarding a cat can also benefit your sweet feline in numerous ways. However, cats are notorious for not always liking change and choosing a less than ideal boarding choice just once can make it quite stressful for a feline to repeat the experience again in the future, even at a different facility. Therefore, it is best to perform due diligence on any facility you might entrust with your beloved kitty, and asking the following question of the persons who work there is an important step in that process.

How an Emotional Support Pet Can Benefit Your Life

There are many ways that pets are beneficial to your life. They give you companionship, responsibility, and if you are suffering from a mental illness such as anxiety, depression, or OCD, a sense of calm and belonging. Unlike other types of service animals, emotional support pets do not need to undergo extensive training, they simply need an ESA evaluation for their health and overall demeanor, and once you get a written recommendation from your therapist or doctor, your own pet can be certified as an emotional support animal.

Choosing A Healthy Puppy

Are you ready to get a puppy? If you are, choosing one that is in good health is important. While there are dogs with special needs who would be wonderful companions, if this is your first dog, choosing one who needs a lot of medical attention likely isn't the best route. So with that in mind, look for these qualities when selecting a puppy. First, a Word of Caution You should be able to meet the puppies at the breeder's professional location.

6 Things You Can Learn From Keeping An Eye On Your Dog's Skin

Your dog's skin is the biggest organ on their body. The skin on your dog can change based on their overall health, hormone levels, and nutritional levels. Here are six different diseases that can be spotted by keeping an eye on your dog's skin. #1 Allergies One of the easiest things to notice by watching your dog's skin is if they have any allergies. With dogs, both environmental and food allergies often present in the skin.